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Reducing cost, carbon and waste for forward thinking energy users

We have a single mission. To design and deploy renewable heat and cooling systems which transform carbon performance, reduce energy consumption and insulate businesses from future price rises.

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Zero Carbon Heat and Cooling

Our technology adds capability to existing ground source heating and cooling and can be deployed on sites where it cannot. 

In traditional ground source heating, heat is simply harvested from the earth. A working fluid is pumped through pipes or boreholes in the ground. Heat from the earth is transferred to the fluid and in turn to heat pumps which convert the heat to temperatures required for use in heating systems. The owner of the heat pump pays for electricity to power the heat pump and circulate the fluid. One unit of electricity delivers up to 3.5 units of heat.

Our approach uses patented technology to extend the model by capturing waste energy from existing processes and storing it in the earth for later use as heat. This is the ‘Geo Exchange’ concept – to treat the earth as a thermal store which can be managed to store heat for use as and when it is required. The effect is to dramatically improve system performance. One unit of electricity can deliver up to 5 units of heat, and cooling system energy consumption is reduced by c30%.

Using patented borehole technology Geo Exchange requires up to 50x less surface space than traditional ground source heating. This means it can be deployed predictably on almost all commercial sites and preserves land for future development. 

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About Us

Black Mountain was established to help UK businesses reduce cost, carbon and waste.  The Black Mountain team has collectively consented £1.9 billion of utility scale renewable assets across Europe. Expertise which we harness to deploy heat and cooling solutions at scale for corporate customers across the UK.

As might be expected we adopt an unashamedly experience based approach to the development of renewable assets for our customers. One which allows us to ensure benefits and risks are understood early in the project cycle and before any decision to proceed. Our project finance and energy teams provide our customers with access to the contract structure and funding option which best meets the needs of their business. 

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England  & Wales

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