Reducing cost, carbon and waste for forward thinking energy users

We have a single mission. To help corporate customers remove carbon and cost from their energy supply.  We create dedicated solar generation and implement zero carbon heat and cooling systems. Deployed standalone or in combination our approach will transform your carbon footprint, reduce costs and insulate your business from future price rises.


Zero Carbon Heat and Cooling

Geo-Exchange from Erda Energy

Erda's technology transforms the cost and carbon profile of heat and cooling. The concept is simple; capture waste energy from cooling and store it in the earth for later use as heat. Doing so removes the need for gas and reduces energy consumption across both processes. Requiring significantly less space than traditional ground source heating it can be retrofitted to existing sites or implemented during construction. 

Zero Carbon Electricity

Private Wire and Offsite Solar PV

We develop, consent and deliver new private wire and dedicated offsite solar generation for our customers. Removing cost and carbon from corporate electricity supplies and ensuring your commitment to procure renewable energy delivers additive deployment. Delivered via direct or sleeved power purchase agreements and with or without storage. 


About Us

Black Mountain was established with the single mission of helping UK businesses to reduce cost, carbon and waste.  The Black Mountain team has collectively consented £1.9 billion of utility scale renewable assets across Europe. Expertise which we harness to deploy decentralised electricity, heat and cooling solutions to corporate customers across the UK.

As might be expected we adopt an unashamedly experience based approach to the development of renewable assets for our customers. One which allows us to ensure benefits and risks are understood early in the project cycle and before any decision to proceed. Our project finance and energy teams provide our customers with access to the contract structure and funding option which best meets the needs of their business. 

We have licensed Erda Energy's Geo Exchange technology for the UK market  and work with trusted EPC and asset finance partners to deliver our projects.



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